the Sketchbook Show

January 2011


Featured drawings and sketches by John Melville Kelly.

The Koa Art Gallery at Kapi‘olani Community College presents, “The Sketchbook Show.” More than forty of the leading artists in the state are participating. Come see how sketches are the key to understanding how visual ideas are born and how they are developed. Works from classical sketches to quick gestures are included.

Artists who are participating include the late Isami Doi, Joe Feher, John Kelly, John Young, and Tadashi Sato. Contemporary artists include Harry Tsuchidana, Fred Roster, Snowden Hodges, Russell Suanbe, Cade Roster, Dorothy Faison, John Koga, Kandi Everett, Alan Leitner, Hal Lum, Pegge Hopper, Violet Murakami, Chuck David, Debbie Young, Paul Levitt, George Woollard, Duane Preble, Darrell Orwig, and Sally French, to name but a few.